Unser neuer Zwingername " Basium Cattery "
We are proud to announce that our male
CFA GC Thy-Lan’s Ellroy
is 2nd Best Persian – Silver & Golden Adult
at the CFA International Division-Europe in Show season 2011-2012
warm welcome my new sweet girl Owletts Amulet
many thank Rosemary for this very nice Girl i am so happy with her
I´m Back from the CFA Show in Sweden and I would like to share our Show results from
Thy-Lan´s Ellroy:
Ellroy did made in Ring from
Darrel Newkirk: 3rd Best Longhair Champion and 3rd Best Allbreed Champion.
In Ring from Ellyn Honey: Best Longhair Champion, Best Allbreed Champion and 8th Cat.
In Ring from Bob Zenda: 2nd Best Longhair Champion and 3rd Best Allbreed Champion
Now is Ellroy CFA Grand Champion;-))))
I´m very proud of my boy
Last weekend we visited the Fife Show in Menton, France.

It was beautiful, we, Jasmine and I took a quick trip to the sea only a few feet away from the show hall.


Here are my Show results.

Chippendales Gillymore Blue Golden Shaded is now Fife Champion.

Thy Lan's Ellroy did made ​​on Saturday Best Color and was nom. for Best in Show

On Sunday, Ellroy was nom. for Best in Show. did made Best in Show,

Best of Best, and Best all Breed Place 3
more picture
attached a few pictures I've posted on Facebook

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Es gibt immer mehr Schwarzzüchter und nun auch wieder
Katzen im Zoohandel......
Dies gilt für alle Katzenrassen und Tiere!!!